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Rose Inn Menu


Saturday - Crab Legs

    • Appetizers

    • Broccoli Bacon Cheese Bites

    • Hot Pepper Cheese Balls

    • Cheddar Cheese Balls

    • Zucchini Strips

    • Chicken Tenders

    • Popcorn Chicken

    • Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

    • Mini Jalapeno Poppers

    • Breaded Mushrooms

    • Onion Rings

      Sm $3.75 or Lg $5.25
    • Fresh Cut French Fries

      Sm $3.25 or Lg $4.50

      Plain, Cajun, Rose Dusted or Buffalo.

    • Seasoned Curly Fries

      Sm $3.50 or Lg $4.75
    • Chili Cheese Fries

    • Brew Pub Pretzels

    • NEW!!! Garlic Logs

    • Boom Boom Shrimp


      Crispy, deep fried shrimp tossed in our own sweet and spicy Thai Chili Sauce.

    • Combo Platter


      2 Cheese Sticks
      6 Onion Rings
      4 Jalapeno Poppers and Mushrooms
      2 Broccoli Bites

    • Homestyle Potato Chips (8 oz.)

    • All Beef Hot Dog

    • Chili Cheese Dog

    • Club Fries


      Fresh Cut Fries topped with Chicken Tenders
      BBQ, ranch, bacon and cheese sauce

      Add your favorite wing dip   $0.75
      Side of cheese, gravy, or Beer Cheese $1.50

    • Rose Inn's Famous Wings

      Our wings are served fresh and made to order. Each order is served with celery and your choice of blue cheese or ranch dressing. Flavors: Hot, BBQ, Mild, Cajun, Rose Dusted, Italian Stallion, Sweet Hot, Honey Mustard, Butter & Garlic, Tangy Parmesan Ranch, Hot Butter Garlic, Habanero Cider

    • Mini Order of 5 Wings

    • Regular Order of 10

    • Bucket of 25

    • Extra Blue Cheese/Ranch Dressing

    • Each for Bucket (8 oz.)

    • Each for Mini or Regular order

    • Extra Celery

    • Mini or Regular Order

    • Bucket

    • Sandwiches

      Served with potato chips and a pickle.

    • Garlic Roasted Club


      Turkey ham and bacon with Swiss on a French baguette skewered, covered in garlic butter and roasted.

    • Rose Burger


      Juicy burger with your choice of toppings and American, Swiss, provolone, or pepper jack.

      Add thick sliced bacon $1.00
      Add any fried veggie 25 cents
      Veggie burger available

    • Grilled Ham and Cheese


      Thin slices of ham quick fried and stacked with American cheese and your choice of toppings.

    • Fish


      6 oz cod fillet deep fried and served with your choice of toppings.

    • Hot Roast Beef and Fries


      Sliced roast beef piled high on white bread served with fresh cut fries and smothered in beef gravy.

    • Deep Fried Chicken Breast


      Breaded chicken breast with your choice of toppings.

    • Buffalo Chicken


      Breaded or grilled chicken breast dipped in your favorite wing sauce and your choice of toppings.

    • Grilled Cheese

    • Bacon Lettuce & Tomato


      Add $0.75 for bacon

    • Salads

      Dressings: Balsamic, Oil & Vinegar, House Italian, Blue Cheese, Ranch, Louisiana Bacon & Fat Free French.

    • Steak or Chicken Salad

      Sm $8.25/Lg $11.75

      Fresh lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and golden French fries topped with steak or chicken and sautéed onions.

    • A New Twist on an Old Favorite


      Chicken or Steak salad served with your favorite salad dressing in an edible bowl.

    • Side Salad


      Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, pepperoni, onions and green bell peppers.

    • The “Big Salad”


      Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green bell peppers, cheese, strips of turkey and ham topped with the dressing of your choice.

    • Homemade Pizza

      Available Toppings: pepperoni, ham, sausage, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and mild pepper rings

    • 1 Topping 10"

    • 1 Topping 16”

    • Each Additional Topping for Medium Pizza

    • Each Additional Topping for Large Pizza

    • Additional Cheese

    • New Item Title


      Description of new item.

    • House Special "White Pizza"

    • House White Pizza 10"

    • House White Pizza 16"

    • Wraps

      Served with potato chips and a pickle.

    • Hot Steak or Chicken Wrap


      Thin slices of grilled steak or chicken sautéed with your choice of onions, green peppers, hot peppers or mushrooms on a tomato tortilla. Topped with lettuce and tomato and your choice of cheese and dressing.

    • Cold Turkey, Roast Beef or Combo


      Prepared the same as above only using cold cuts and topped with lettuce and tomato and your choice of cheese and dressing.

    • Hoagies

      Served with potato chips and a pickle. 7” Mini $7.75 or 12” Regular $9.75

    • Steak

      $7.75 - $10.75

      Thin slices of fresh cut steak sautéed with your choice of onions, green peppers, hot peppers or mushrooms topped with your choice of American, Swiss, provolone, or pepper jack cheese.

    • Italian

      $7.75 - $10.75

      Thinly sliced ham, salami, pepperoni, Lebanon bologna and provolone cheese, topped with your choice of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, hot peppers and our house Italian dressing.

    • Italian Grilled Chicken

      $7.75 - $10.75

      Marinated chicken and onions perfectly grilled and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, our house Italian dressing and melted provolone cheese.

    • Homemade Soup

      All of our soups are made from scratch with all fresh ingredients. Check with your server for the soup of the day.

    • Cup of Soup

    • Bowl of Soup

    • Rose Inn Chili

    • Cup of Chili

    • Bowl of Chili